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Superflows works by connecting a large language model to an API. It handles the process of going from a user query to having an answer given and actions taken.


All the action happens on our Dashboard - it's the control panel for your product assistant. Head there and follow the onboarding flow.

You will be prompted to choose whether you would like to 'Quickstart' or 'Build AI Assistant':

  • Quickstart with a preconfigured assistant for a mockup product

    • Recommended for those looking to try out Superflows
    • The next steps are:
      • Choose a preset assistant
      • Test in our playground
  • Build AI Assistant from scratch with your API specification

    • Recommended for those looking to set up their own project
    • The next steps are:
      • Upload your API Specification
      • Connect to your API (Optional - you can mock the responses from your API)
      • Test in our playground

The Quickstart flow is straightforward, so we'll focus on building your own AI assistant.